Friday, July 3, 2009

Plan for the Day... talk to you in two weeks

Well I'm about to head out soon to take my midterm. Then its off to the bank to try and get some money from my account, they told me my card would still work with the teller till the new card came in, so we'll see. Then its off to Wal-mart to get some last minute items for the trip and snacks for the plane.

I'm really excited and nervous today all at the same time! I have a love hate relationship with planes. Take off freaks me out! But I like getting on the plane as it means that I am going somewhere fun!

The debate at current time is to check bags or not to check bags? A packed plane doesn't look promissing for finding 4 carry-on spaces available for myself and three teenagers. I hate the hassel. Its so much easier to check bags, especially when it comes to getting through security too. But the thought of wasting $15 each to check bags just pisses me off!!!!

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