Friday, July 17, 2009

Work Placement Over

Well my work placement with the baby is over. They found someone closer to their works, as I was hoping they would before I started back to school soon. I would have hated to leave them in a lerch come the 18th of Aug. But school comes first of course.

It was a great experience and really helped with my fears of Pedi patients and working with their families. I even got to help give meds through the G-tube... so that was an awesome new skill for me too! I think I used the phrase, " This is fun!" LOL

So time to buckle down and get this Algebra class out of the way and done with, then do some brush up for the next semester's nursing class. I have to go down and meet with the financial aide and nursing advisers to get a request for continued funding form completed and hope that everything works out for my tuition. Of course I don't feel like driving 35 miles each way in a car without a/c in 116 heat!

Alas, I have to fix the car and the Jeep now... AZ is not the place for the a/c's in the cars to break! I HATE freaking used cars!!


  1. Good luck with algebra. I had to take it 3 times. First time I had serious family issues. Second time my teacher sucked. I have no clue what he was teaching. Third teacher was awesome. She have easy to comprehend lectures, offer homework help 4 days after class, and gave us preview homework so we'd do well on tests. I still freakin' hate the subject but I do understand it.

    I hope you have a good teacher and better math skills than I.

  2. Good luck with algebra! I took it years ago ! don't remember much but wish I did cuz I could really use it in the Chemistry class I am taking!

  3. Glad you feel more comfortable with peds patients. Good luck with algebra (I'm struggling through it right now...math is not my thing!)