Wednesday, July 1, 2009

And then there were two

So I should be able to spend the day studying today, and get some things for the trip, but my dumbass husband decided to steal my debit card today to get gas money and proceeded to enter the incorrect PIN number over and over and it locked my debit card, since its a bank in transition its hard to get anyone on the phone in customer service and the closest branch is over 22 miles away... no big deal you say? Well, it wouldn't be if my gas light were not already on! Yikes... so yeah not only do I have to ask my kid for some cash to just put enough gas in to get to the bank, I have to deal with the bank and hope they can reactivate the card, and not just send me a new PIN via mail, blah blah blah, because I am leaving in TWO DAYS! To top that off I'll have to go and pick him up from work, whenever it is that he gets out today because he couldn't put gas in his car!

Oh well, if it were not complicated it would not be my life!

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