Tuesday, July 28, 2009

School Countdown has Begun!

Oh the joys of school shopping. Today was the real start of supplies. Backpacks, pencils, pens, sharpeners, highlighters, notebooks! I think everyone is excited about the first day of school. Next is doctor's appointments, driver's permits, and clothes & shoes. My least favorite parts.

So in Nursing school news, I headed out to meet with the Advisor to get signed off on my credits so I could continue my financial aide. The letter I received..." Our records indicate that you have acquired more credits than what you need for your current track."

Well no shit!!. Ever you tried and get a ADN from a Community College? Well, sometimes you have to take the long way when the line ahead of you is 2 years long. So yup even though I only need 22 credits to obtain a Diploma as a Practical Nurse, and I currently have 51... I do actually still have 10 more this semester alone to achieve said Diploma, plus the 3 I have to take to get IV certified, and heck while I'm at it I thought I'd... wait for it.... get a Nursing Degree! Um, that is what you get at a College right a Degree? Stupid people I hate red tape!!


  1. How far are you from getting your degree?

  2. I'm 10 credits from the Diploma, and I am 8 credits from an AAS this May, but I won't be able to get my ADN until May 2011, because I still have two classes to take ( GEN ED's ) if I wanted to get into Block 3 this January, then I could get my ADN January 2011. A bit complicated.

  3. well i hope you figure out a way to cut thru the red tape..need some scissors?