Monday, June 14, 2010


Well I have decided that no matter what I have to go on for my RN soon. I am not sure which format I am doing yet but I have started the process of looking into the two options of programs that will fit into my budget and my life.

For a while here I was thinking of stopping. I didn't want the stress of school and the hassle of it all and I need to work & the pay is great.

But I seriously HATE my job. LPN LTC nursing is NOT what I want my career to be in nursing and not the reason I put myself through hell the past few years to accomplish. Sure the money is great but the job... well a pill passer in the geri-psych world is NOT for me!

I want OR or Women's Health. Heck I even want to teach nursing. But I don't want to spend forever in this place!

I can feel the life suck!!!!


  1. You can do it! Even if it takes a while, it will be well worth it. Daughter took her NCLEX yesterday and we are sitting on pins and needles waiting for the results. Stress!

  2. check the az board if you haven't already. It should be there now. Mine was there the very next AM

  3. I started out as an LPN in an extended care unit....went on for my's possible! :)