Saturday, June 26, 2010

Still waiting...

To find out about the RN-BSN program. They have my transcripts and now I have no idea what the next step is. I am told they will evaluate them, then let me know how much more I will have to complete my program and then we will go from there. But at least the process is started. I am excited to start again, but not for the boring Gen Ed classes. Those take a lot of .... what's the opposite of procrastination? LOL

All I really know is that LPN is not my stopping point. After serious pondering, a bit of my usual procrastinating, a few apathetic moments, and let's face it, all out laziness, I have come to the conclusion that, yes for the money the job is too easy & boring. Well except I haven't figured all the paperwork out yet. Um yeah cuz no one taught me... least I remind you of the type of orientation I had, "Here's the med cart GO!" Yet I digress, if I have to force myself to go in every day it isn't where I should be.

So stay tuned for the continuation of A Journey through Nursing School...Part 2-the BSN year(s).