Friday, June 18, 2010

For the sake of all that is Holy...Make your Plans Known...

This is why it is important to let your family know about your end of life expectations...

You are up there in the 90's... the love of your life has passed. You are sick. Ready to die. Have made your peace with your maker. Slip peacefully into a painless sleep. Stop eating and drinking and talking. Are in fact actively dying. Giving in as God has planned and heading off to reunite with your love.

Yet your stupid family wants you to be a full code!! So after code 1 and they bring you back and code 2 and they bring you back... WTF is the family's problem?

What if in that glorious light stood your love and just as you reach them you are yanked back into a frail body and sent back to continue to rot away-literally ( but that's another story)?

I hope when they are old someone makes them suffer as much!! Damn a dog gets better care and compassion than some people!


  1. It's really a hard decision even when you know exactly what they want. I had to be the one to make that decision in April when my dad passed. He went into a full code and I was the only one at the hospital at the time. I knew he wouldn't want to live like that but all I could think of was how could I let my Daddy die? I did tell them to make him comfortable and he passed fairly peacefully but I second guess myself every day because I miss him so much. Try not to be too rough on the family, but I totally understand where you are coming from too.

  2. sometimes people have a hard time letting go of their loved one. They feel like they need to do all they can to save them so they don't feel like they quit on them. I work in long term care for a long time. It can be heartning to see it. Its easier from the nursing point of view because we know they would be more comfortable...even though I know I wouldn't do that to my loved one....if i was in their shoes i am sure i would still think twice

  3. Of course I am not divulging the reality of this actual case, there is wayyyy more I can't say. But the point is. HAVE A LIVING WILL, and someone who will carry out the actual concepts of it in place before this situation happens to you.