Friday, June 4, 2010

Nothing Interesting

Not much going on right now. Just working and trying to figure out what to do with the boy for the summer. I offered to let his friend come down here from Massachusetts to stay for a few weeks, but still have to get the date and buy the ticket for him. Right now there is no extra money, but maybe the end of the month.

The girl is leaving for Texas for 10 days in 2 weeks. She's excited.

I have come to realize that although I really like the people I work with I really hate this shift. With the drive being so far and winding down after work, I don't get to sleep until 2am and then after that its an interrupted sleep, so I feel and look exhausted all the time. By the time I drag myself out of bed its time to get ready for work again. On my days off I just feel sick all the time.

Hummm... well I suppose I'll have to deal with it for a year!

Ok time to get ready.

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