Tuesday, June 22, 2010

LTC Nursing

Sucks! Hehehe... mainly because once you get a routine they throw you some more people. I have 28 residents with a ton of meds and a ton of psych issues on top. Yesterday one fell and the call to the family lasted 30 minutes. Of course this fall happened right at dinner, which was the first day of a new system.

Tomorrow is my day off but I have to drive the 59 miles each way in the heat just to sit for a meeting!

Hoping to get a lunch date with my old work friends at least outta the deal. I would rather take the boy driving and do something with him. I feel bad since he isn't going anywhere and I don't have the money now that the ticket prices have climbed to pay for his friend to come out here.

Ummm... yeah I just wanted to bitch I guess.

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