Saturday, June 5, 2010

Girl Date

Heading out to watch Sex & the City 2! Hope its as good as the previews.

Hummm.. what else? So working with an agency nurse is different. Weird how I am the one to answer the questions?

Yesterday I had a very bad thought about a resident. Urgh! Sometimes you just can't help being human and screaming really does piss me off. I also had a talk with my drug seeker about yelling at me for things while I am standing in the hallway pulling meds at the cart.

" Everyday I come in I have the same routine. You get the same things at the same time. You do not have to yell at me while I am at the cart pulling them to tell me you need them. It is rude." We will see how long that lasts.

In other news we are fighting a battle with ants in our cabinets and on our counters. The tiny kind. We have sprayed and sanitized and cleaned and closed every little thing. This SUCKS!! i can feel the little buggers crawling on me!

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  1. Since it wasn't that long ago, I remember the point where suddenly I wasn't the newest person on the unit anymore. It's like, "Wait... You're asking ME?"

    More recently, I've worked a little as an agency nurse. I can tell you that it's nice to have approachable people to bounce things off of, since every place does things a little differently. Even if we forget to tell you at the time, we do appreciate the help and advice!