Thursday, June 17, 2010

Mommy to the Rescue

So yesterday's permit excursion was a trip to say the least.

We head out about 10am and its already almost 100. With no AC in the car it kinda sucks to have to drive the 30 miles to the Motor Vehicle Office. But we stop at Starbucks for some Frapaccinos and its all good.

We get there and I think I have all the paper work... well think again! He needs a school ID, because it has a picture and I don't have the original copy of is SSN card, because his father is a dick and has it somewhere. So we wasted about 30 minutes there and had to go over to the Social Security office.

So we go there to request a new card and guess what he needs? A school ID with a picture to prove its him. Or I needed a doctors record with his date of birth and name on it. Yeah like we carry those with us.

So he thinks he has an idea where the ID is so we drive the 30 miles back home.

He can't find it AT ALL. Tears his room apart and nothing.

So Mom goes into the room moves a box out of the closet, lifts up some DVD's and video games and there is the ID.

So off again to the Motor Vehile Department 30 miles away and the temp has climbed to over 104.

Thank God he passed!


  1. Yeah, thank goodness!!!! I hope you didn't pass out from all of that heat!

  2. Congrats to the newest driver on the road!! May angels watch over him and keep him safe!