Friday, June 18, 2010


So I talked to the admissions advisor, have sent in my transcripts for review. found out they are starting a new batch of students in a month or so and that it will fit into my life at this point, although of course my Wednesday and weekends become study days again, but hopefully since we do 1 class every 5 weeks it'll just rock on through.

I have to meet with them in person and get more info... but I am sure this is the direction I am going. Of course now to figure out the money aspect. Urgh... to student loan or not to student loan?

The thought of more Gen Ed classes and she mentioned they added more science. Crap does that mean I still have to take Chem?

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  1. Well you're on track to greatness! Student loans suck.. but so does paying out of pocket lol.. blah.