Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Burn Out

Wow could I be burned out so soon in the semester? I think it needs to be spring break already.

I wonder if it's just the toxic environment I sit in 4 days a week that is sucking the life out of me? The negative spewing of sludge surrounding me is getting deeper with every test we take. Is it fair to be safely on the yacht while there are flailing people just barely holding on to the proverbial lifeboat that is their Nursing Dream?

Everyone around me is stressing about the tests and whining and I feel like I don't have the right to worry for myself. Like my fears are not valid because I am doing fine? I am not enjoying nursing school. However, I kinda of think I would be if it were not for the joy suckers!

I feel like I should be stressed more about the test today, but I am not! I mean I studied. I hope it was enough or is the right stuff. Everyone around me is slitting their wrists,metaphorically speaking of course. So I have pushed them away a little more.

I got an email asking me how I studied for the Pharmacology test? I mean like how on earth do I answer that? URGHH!! I felt totally unprepared for that test as it was!

OK I am bitching now too much. I need to be excited and positive! Well one good thing is that we have SIM-Man on Thursday or Friday... of course that is after the medication practicum, which I am stressing about.

OK that's enough... I'm going to look over my notes one more time and get ready to go to class. Cranial nerve names, functions & assessments are part of today's test, as well as Communication and LifeSpan Development and Hospice. I feel good about these topics, but you never know. Those Nursing Tests are just designed to trip you up!

***Oh and the GEEK SQUAD called and my computer is ready. Of course they had to replace EVERYTHING! So everything on it was lost. Now I have to find the recovery disk from the company or something like that. I have to go down there today and figure that out!***


  1. One Of Our Two Timing Adults Found Very Good Values At Home.... That's the mnemonic we used for the cranial nerves. :)

  2. Keep your head up, It will get better. I swear as we progressed, people chilled out a little more and didn't take it so seriously. Try to have some fun and keep focused on your dream!