Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Zuccini, Sardines, Watermelon & Pepper Jack Cheese

I love that show Chopped on FoodNetwork with the guy Ted from those Queer Eye shows. They give the nastiest foods to them to create three courses with 30 minutes for each hence the title of this blog. Yummmm.... NOT!

In other news...

Class was weird yesterday. Some random person recorded the Instructors during a private conversation and was passing it around the class or something, and some people complained, because the gist they got out of it was that people weren't even trying or something. OK... I wasn't in that loop so I have no idea what they heard or who it was, but whoever did it is up for a character violation and well.. who knows what will happen after that. There is talk of not allowing recorders in lecture anymore, and well that would SUCK! So anyway it just set a negative tone for the class after that point. Thank God it was after the test, but still, I think it's just people feeling really bad about how they are doing and trying to rationalise.

So we have the dreaded check all that apply on the test yesterday and well as the choose the BEST answer questions. It's pretty hard to choose the best from a list of correct answers, but happy to say I got a 19/20! So yeah, whatever I do it's on the right track.

I have decided that I am going to practice a bit more assertiveness when it comes to those that think they are entitled to "learn" whatever it is I do to study and grasp the material. I just told them flat out, " What works for me may not work for you and I am studying all the same notes and readings you are." The End.

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