Thursday, February 5, 2009

Damn Happy

The final grades for Test #2 were posted and I did in fact get a 17/20. The class average was 14.4 on that one!! I got full credit for my DARE Documentation which as far as I am aware no one else did! Yeah me!

Time to stress about test #3 of course.

Oh we finally learned cardiac and breath sounds today, and we have to verbalize our way through the steps as we go... "The aortic point, located on the 2nd Inter coastal space, right sternal border, the soft s2 sound. The dub of the lub/dub. This is the end of systole, the beginning if diastole, the AV Valves are closed" etc etc etc etc...

I memorized the spiel and the points by the end of class. This kinda stuff stick with me sometimes. Then it was on to breath sounds. Got those down too. Well the placement of the stethoscope that is, and the bronchial, bronchial vesticular, and vesticular sounds that it. Adventitious can wait a few more days. Course I can't spell those yet either ;-)

Busy busy week! Nite!


  1. Good going!!!!!! We noticed with these last two tests of ours that the instructors were not posting the grades with the class average enabled. We all requested that they enable it.

  2. I figure its either a confidence booster or a measure of how well the material is being taught. I think our instructors are great! We get a lot of information thrown at us, and are expected get it quick, great preperation for the floor nursing I think.