Wednesday, February 4, 2009

What's the plan Stan?

The next two weeks are gonna be big as clinical starts in three weeks.

Tomorrow I don't have to go in for my usual 8-4 (6am carpool)due to lab availability, so we have to do two case studies online and then email them in the morning and go in for 10. Hum... I am not sure this is a better thing, as traffic could be an issue and I do NOT want to be late.

We will be working more on foley and wound care practice. And will be going over assessments again.
We have the medication practicum test next Thursday or Friday and with that comes with it more dosage calculations of course. Monday is the first Pharmacology test and Tuesday is Test #3 for Lecture. People want to get some study groups together, but since my husband has to work all weekend, and we only have one car, I don't think that'll happen. Plus, I think I study better on my own. I don't know?!?

So, then we are meeting our Clinical Instructors and its paperwork paperwork! Where we learn what will be expected of us when it comes to those dreaded CarePlans!

Ok thats about all I can remember. I have to go and study some more!

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  1. One advantage to study groups is perspective and clarification. Sometimes it helps to just hear about a subject from someone else's thought processes. It helps solidify what you may already understand, or can help you to understand something you find difficult. If it's just not possible for someone to meet with you (2-3 people is best anyway) you could always do it by phone. Have an idea of what you need to focus on, and have the other person do the same. It's kind of a hassle, but it does help. Maybe someone could meet you at your house? You could return the favor some other time, and meet where they choose.