Sunday, August 23, 2009

Algebra update!!

So I received an email from my Algebra instructor saying that I was 19 points away from the next grade increase and that I had not maxed out my take home quizzes yet. Seeing as I was so close she said she would keep the grading period open a few days longer so that I could get the points. I only really didn't ace 1 - got a 77 on it and well I just retook it and am now... happily 19 points higher and yup... now I can brag about my grade! LOL

So anyway a bit of back story. I don't remember saying before, but if I have forgive the senior moment, but I had to get a waiver to take this class online in the first place. I only got a C in MAT092 and you needed a B to be able to be successful in the course. So I went to the advisor and begged and got the speech that, "blah blah... going out on a limb and taking a chance on me, and I had better make him proud"... so HECK YEAH BUDDY TAKE THAT!!! ****

Ok so it is only a B but its not the C I was thinking I was gonna be stuck with after that dismal final exam showing I made! Woot!