Wednesday, August 26, 2009

And let it beginith to grow...

Ok so now that sense of overwhelming, unbelievable, how am I going to get all of this done has hit. I have my first test in Theory on Thursday and a quiz in Lab on Friday. I start my IV class tonight and Microbiology and my volunteer hours start on Monday. Then class on Tuesday, Test on Wednesday in Micro, Test on Thursday in Theory, Lab test Friday, and then a Micro test on Saturday!

It goes and on from there... I need to work out a schedule I think. See it all down on paper and figure out what needs to be done. It doesn't help that I am surrounded by an unorganized bedroom, with paper strewn about and books all over the place. Disorganized spaces makes me feel all disorganized inside and then I get deadlocked and can't think!

Buckle down time is upon us and I am exhausted! Welcome to Nursing School people!

To top that all off my daughter (16 in a few weeks)is feeling neglected my her father and feels like she'll be further pushed aside in the near future. Not sure if any of you are divorced, but how would you,do you, deal with your child's feelings of impending doom once the announcement has been made by Dad's new wife of a baby on the way? He has never been a very involved father and it was the "now" wife that made a lot of the forced contact attempts between the father and the kid. I assume because she wanted to be raising his children. Every time they'd go for a visit she tried to pressure them into saying they wanted to live with them. So now that she's having one of her own,to add to the 3 she had with her ex-husband, (there's a whole lot of feelings there that I have on that topic myself), my daughter is conflicted!
I can try to dispel her fears, yet I know that they are steeped in overwhelming fact!! He was a disengaged selfish father who likes to show off and she says she can just hear him now. She says she wants him to be a better Dad to this baby, but then again she feels like she'll be mad because he wasn't to her or her brother. Poor kid to have grown-up feelings in a young woman's mind! If ever there was a time for a Dx of "shaken ex-husband syndrome" !!!

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