Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Baking Birthday cakes, reading chapters & trying to get back in the swing of things

These are a few of the things I am trying to do today. Today is my little brother Travis' birthday. He's 19, has special needs, and was adopted by my parents. Teachnically he's my nephew as he is my brother's child. Urgh... my brother and his assinine self is a whole long drama filled story with a Jerry Springerish ending... just pisses me off thinking about the whole thing.... but anywhoo... since my parents are in Massachusetts right now I had to make him a cake. We'll celebrate and give him presents and such when they get home with a trip to Amazing Jake's ( kinda like a Chuck-E- Cheese, except geared for older children too, and with wayyyy better food.) He loves to drive the go-carts there.

In other news;

Of course I am having a procrastination problem to start my semester off. For some reason after all of the wanting to get back to school and back into the grove, the reality of it is a little less than motivating. The choppy start to yesterday didn't really motivate me. I was a bit afraid of the amount of work and weight of the tests for the term, and am still wondering just how everything will fit, but I just don't feel that hammer slamming down yet, despite the impending first test which is only 6 days away. You know the one, the gotta study, lock myself in a room, and don't see the light of day, let alone the table top through all the papers, kind of feeling? Maybe after Friday's lab it'll feel more real.

So to add to my already seemingly busy semester, I had to add a class on to my already crazy schedule. A Structured Nursing Review Class. Its strictly Pass/Fail and not one of those gotta go classes but it was recommended that we sign up this term. I did not take the one last semester that was offered and for those in the class that did take it, there wasn't one person that said it offered any insight or really helped with Theory as it is designed to do. Our Med/Surg Instructor teaches it this term and she sounded like it'll be worth our while. We'll see I guess. So that'll give me 14 credits at my "home school" and 8 credits online for the semester.

Hummmmm.... I'm starting to talk myself out of my volunteer position, but I know it's an opportunity and an important one at that. Monday is orientation and the thought of sitting through the boring as crap HR BS just does not sound appealing to me, when I know I'll have a test the next day.

Wow... I am so wishy washy... LOL


  1. Ohh I sooo want the recipe for that cake! It looks so yummy yummy yummy!

  2. Chocolate cake, chocolate pudding, whipped cream. Just layered like a torte. Then Drizzle chocolate syrup on the top and drag a knife across. Best when made with crushed Butterfinger bars sprinkled within the layers.

  3. I am definitely savoring every last day before school starts again! I really should be studying for my dosage calculation test on the first day. uug