Friday, August 28, 2009

Second Week Over & thats it?

Wow it has only been two weeks since classes started and there has already been so much done!

In skills we've done...NG tubes, EKG, Trach Care, Trach Suctioning, Medication administration via NG and Peg tubes, IV drip calculations, IV insertion & finally Phlebotomy!

We've covered the Neuro and Special Senses, as well as the Endocrine System and started on the Circulatory System. We have already taken two tests and are halfway to another two.

I think I have figured out how they test and am surprised with how easy drip calculations actually are. I was VERY intimidated by the math aspect of Nursing and I always thought that I would never get it when I'd look at the books. But sometimes all you need is someone to say tell you in real terms how it relates and WHAM! It sinks in.

So for all of your pre-nursing students scared of the dosage and calculations aspect of Nursing. If I can do it you can do it!

Ok I am exhausted, hungry and sore. Time to take some Advil for my back,( too much sitting Sciatica attack) eat something and probably play with my IV kit some more! LOL

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  1. wow i see you have been busy. we have done ng tubes, preop and postop. starting diabetes tomorow. Tuesday we start clinicals. good luck