Saturday, August 22, 2009

Final Finally Final

Ok so that Algebra final is outta here and in the record books. I really BOMBED the final tho, but my grade is much more than the bare minimum required to pass,so thats good however I did not rock it. Ok, so it was totally my fault. 1, because I really didn't learn the material, and 2. because I just wasn't motivated. Yet, I look at it like this, who cares! Because either way you look at it its MORE than passing!! My overall grade is only 1% point away from being able to brag about it! in my opinion. LOL. The much more important thing is that its one more pre-req/co-req DONE!

In other news its family movie night. Generally, I take the girl to see a "chick flick" and he takes the boy to see some "guy" movie. This time the daughter is sick with girly issues and I am taking my nephew with me. Of course he won't understand or care about the movie... but I can't leave him home he'd be devastated. So its Julie & Julia for me and Inglorious Bastards for the men.

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  1. I had to take intermediate algebra 3 times to get a 2.5. My hat's off to you!!!