Monday, August 17, 2009

Second First Day of Nursing School...

Wow what a difference an Instructor makes. Block II is so different than Block I that's for sure. But I think it will be in a good way. I actually really like the style of the new instructor and her style of teaching should fit in with the way I learn. She is really big on teaching more study skills, and teaching the skim the chapter key idea points. However she is a very big proponent of study groups. I myself have my issues with them, and really actually learn better on my own. But we'll see how the semester progresses. We were all supposed to join or form a study group today! So yes down to business right away and we have our first test on Tuesday. She said we will have many more skills check off this term and will also have a quiz every lab day as well. It should be a VERY interesting semester.

Monday - Volunteer 0900-1300 ( Day Surgery )

Tuesday- Nursing Science and Theory II 12:30- 16:30
This includes Med/Surg I, Pediatrics, & OB

Wed- Microbiology(online for 8 weeks until Oct); then
Chemistry(online for 8 weeks starting in Oct ending end of November)
IV Certification 1800-2100

Thursday- Nursing Science and Theory II 12:30- 16:30
Clinical 14:15 to 22:15 (9/17 -11/06)

Friday - Lab 0800-1600 ( Until clinical starts in Sept.)
Clinical 14:15 to 22:15 (9/17- 11/06)

Saturday- Study (Except during Peds/OB)then its:
Clinical 0645-19:15 ( 10/24 & 10/31 & 12/12)

Sunday- Study (Except during Peds/OB)then its:
Clinical 0645- 19:15 Peds (12/13)

This is kinda what my schdl. will look like with a few alterations in the bunch over the course of the semester but you get the gist of it.

Oh one thing that I forgot to mention was that we have lost a few and gained a few this semester. We lost 6 for sure who failed and 1 who had passed but did not show up for class today. I suppose that person has until the next class before being dropped but I am not positive on that. 1 guy transfered into the night class and we have 3 transfers from said night class who have joined our class. We also have two additions to our class who failed Block 2 in the RN direct entry program and now have to repeat Block 2 with us. So it does seem that the LPN/RN programs at our school are aligned to allow for us to roll into Block 3 of the RN program as they advised us last semester.

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