Thursday, August 27, 2009

IV's IV's an ode to thee...

Yes so IV class started last night. I was simultaneously scared to death and excited as hell. 5 live sticks, 80% is a C, research paper! OMG!

Yet I already L O V E that class, well at the very least I am really fond of the Instructor! She was amazing. I apparently learn much better in a structured, rigid-yet-light atmosphere. One that is put together and flows nicely. So NOT the characteristics of my current Theory Class's haphazard, instructor always late, all over the place style.

3 hours never went by as fast as last night did.

Class will be 1 week lecture, 2 weeks lab, then 1 week lecture, 1 week lab, until the final on 12/2. Next Wednesday we are using the fake arms all night(our first day of lab), then the following Wednesday I am poking my very first LIVE person!! EEEKKKK!!

In our CORE Nursing classes we are also starting the IV section this week, so the extra practice will be great. However, in CORE Nursing classes we are only using the computer simulator and fake arms. I am glad I'll get to a LIVE person before my very first one is a real patient in the hospital during clinical.

OK off to get a few more hours of studying in before my first Theory test today! Think I need more coffee!


  1. This was definetly my funnest lab. We got to draw blood on each other with butterfly needles. I try to get as much practice as I can at work but I still shake. Sometimes I'm successful , soemtimes I'm not but I figure the more practice I get the better the nerves will be and so on. Have fun!