Thursday, August 6, 2009

Sorry Officer Sexy

Ok so I got my first speeding ticket today. I got away with a $30 fine and no ding on my licence. So heck yeah I'll pay that and yes he was damn cute! LOL

I am in need of a new laptop, or yet again I have to take this one into be fixed. My letters are getting stuck, so if I don't watch randomly I'll miss a letter. This week it happens to be the (S) it was the (A) before and before that the (.). Must have something to do with that row? Who knows. Supposedly they already replaced the keyboard for me, but yeah this thing is a piece of crap!

Hummm... so my son ha Freshman orientation tomorrow for 4 hours then school starts officially on Monday for the High School. I start back on the 18th! I actually can't wait. So weird. I need to get through this Algebra class, 1 more test and then the Final left.

I am still kinda wondering about what to do about Block 3 ( the RN ) portion of school. I still need two GEN-ED sciences, to qualify, and I can do them in 8 week formats and be ready by January, but I am afraid that it may be overload with the Nursing Core Classes at the same time. But I am also worried about this economy, will I be able to find an LPN job in January. If I don't go right away will it lessen my options?

This sucks!!! LOL... it all, if this then that, but this then that... blah!! I'm such a broken record.


  1. Just remember to keep your options open to anything and you will find a job. To many nurses come out wanting only one type of job and complain they can't find anything. Even if working a nursing home is an option take it and get the experience while you still search for a job you want. I am confused on the schooling? you are taking nursing classes in the fall with 2 Gen ed science? first what is gen ed science? is that biolgy...i got lost some how...which doesn't take much for me. so clarify for this lost one thanks

  2. ah Micro & Chemistry (which are General Education)and not considered core Nursing classes. The core nursing classes run a little over 18 weeks. I can take Micro in 8 weeks and Chemistry in 8 weeks as an option, during the semester.

  3. Like LDN said, keep your options open. I would hold off if you at all possibly can and take the gen ed classes separate from the nursing classes. In fact I guess that's what I just did!

    Oh, and just how cute was he!? haha.... Oh, a man in uniform.