Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Beginning

So clinical begins today. We are outta the Nursing Home and into the Hospital. It should be interesting I hope. While still being HIPPA compliant, perhaps I'll have some stories. Just a sidebar,everyone in my stories will be 200 years old and a hermaphrodite Martian so as not to risk any verifying information.

In IV news, I managed to get my first "stick" yesterday outta my 5 required for certification. Step one is to find the vein, access the vein, and with or without help thread the catheter, verify placement by withdrawing on the flush, and finally DCing the IV. So with the help of my patient husband, who was stuck twice last night, I managed to complete the task. I do however still need the confidence on threading without help. But its a skill, its a process and I WILL master it!

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  1. yea hippa is so much fun...i have to change mine around 101 polka dot woman with