Wednesday, September 16, 2009

What's the Haps?

Clinical starts again tomorrow and we have yet to hear from our Instructor. The worse thing though is that our Program Director has yet to hear from her too. Wouldn't you think that they'd consider a back up plan or something?

So tomorrow we have no idea where to meet, what to bring, what we are doing for dinner, what we need to have done prior, and have never been to that location before. We don't even have an idea what she looks like. Of course she can find us. There isn't much to miss with a group of 9 girls in green scrub tops and white scrub pants all standing around looking lost!

So in other news, I have completely psyched myself out about IV insertion at this point. I totally don't want to even try. Which is stupid, I know, but the hang up is of course on the what can go wrong and what if I still don't get it. I can practice a million times on the fake arms and on the pool noodle and nail it each time. But for some reason, when the instructor is there and there is real skin I panic.

Tonight is another chance, and since I am bringing my husband to practice on maybe I'll feel more relaxed? Heck maybe I'll feel worse. Who knows.

But he has been amazingly supportive throughout all of this and I appreciate his support more than he probably even knows!

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