Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Ducks in a Row

It has been a turbulent last week or so on the home front and things are about to take a turn. No idea where that will lead but like all growth it begins with small steps. I'm hoping to come out on the other end with the familial connection still intact. But for my family's sake, mostly the hubby and kids, I had to alter my plans a bit and move forward a bit sooner. I think if all goes well on Saturday and we hear what we need to hear, and get what we need to get. I think perhaps we can come out of all of this a lot wiser, and none the worse for the ware?

School is in a lull right now or rather a transition. Which is a nice break. Of course that doesn't mean there isn't anything to study. IV class is lecture this week and I am picking my first patient in clinical too. I still have yet to figure how that will make much difference considering the acuity of the patients on the floor and our current scope of practice. But perhaps I'll get a lab draw or a foley or an equally as exciting IV start this week?

The weird part is that we are not scheduled to start the OB clinicals until the middle of this month. But we will start OB lecture next week. Med Surg Theory is over, but we have a few more weeks of Med/Surg Clinicals left.

Well I suppose I will get some reading done and do some more NCLEX questions. I try and do about 50 a day at this point. I'll work my way up as the tests gets closer.

Ugh.. if only I had a one of those remotes from "Click", fast forward would be a nice option right now! I just want this phase to be OVER!!

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