Friday, September 4, 2009

Virtual IV Virtually sucks!

So I got to try the virtual IV and lets just say it DID NOT go over very big. It looks really cool in theory, but I did not fair so well. I think its because I had no idea how the thing worked, but now I am VERY freaked out about my first live stick on Wednesday! So many things can happen, can go wrong!

Clinical starts on the 17th. The hospital. So that should be interesting. I've had two tests in Theory and two in lab and am managing a high B and a high A respectively.

My first assignment in Microbiology is due tomorrow and here is the first interruption of family plans that has caused some negative feedback. Hubby wants to go up north for the day to check out the area I was thinking of applying after graduation. Except I have to do homework.


  1. Compromise. When my boyfriend wants to go somewhere for the weekend, I tell him we can go but I'll be doing homework in the car. I've written term papers between Tucson and Flagstaff. Of course this only works if you're not the car sick type =o) Homework actually keeps me awake in the car too, so at least I'm company for the drive.

  2. Tucson and Flag.. wow I thought Phoenix and Flag was far enough. I loved Precott though,so the trip was worth it! I tried to do homework!

  3. Don't sticks are completely different! Make sure you stabilize the vein really well and puncture almost flush with the skin. When you see flashback, it's the most satisfying feeling in the world!