Friday, September 25, 2009

Trauma.... Drama...

I could say that this was all at the same place, but after a night filled with the excitement of a Trauma, I came home to the DRAMA!! So what else is new. Same story different day, two extremely fucked in the head men in a pissing contest and me in the middle.

I'd slit my wrists and say fuck it all to hell, but what would that solve?

So all that BS aside the Trauma night was amazing. I can see how people could get addicted to this shit! Let's just say that large amounts of ETOH, no keys to your house and a window do not make very good bed fellows. Particularly when you slice open and resect, to the bone, every nerve and artery in your limb. It does on the other hand, make for very happy Nursing Students who got to help. All that blood was awesome!

1.) Neat landing that flying contraption made.
2.) Totally cool to play real life ER followed by Grey's Anatomy
3.) I think the Circulating Nurse is a SAINT and yes I think I may want that job too!
4.) Squeezing blood into the drip chamber so it pours into the body fast as hell is hand cramping business, and my hands are outta shape.
5.) Getting to spike a IV bag, hang it and clear the line in a busy OR and have the OR team clap... is an awesome feeling! LOL


  1. Sounds like an awesome day!!

    Of what flying contraption do you speak?

  2. Life Flight. First time I've ever gotten to see it land, the person being unloaded. Ah the rush is crazy!