Wednesday, September 30, 2009


In Nursing School you have the traditional classes, clinicals and then there are the experiences. Like the ED, OR, Wound Center etc.

So far my experience in the OR has cemented my idea, that when RN-BSN, is entered after my name it will be the OR/PACU that I aspire to call my home.

I worked with two Travel Nurses and although I had heard many things about the Travel Nurse, I learned that a Traveler is most likely in my future as well.

What is a Mom, who's children are soon to fly the nest, to do when her whole life has been taking care of them. But will still be in her 30's when the youngest graduates from school?

Well if she loves to move, aka relocate, as often as I do, and has a husband who is supportive to being supported, Travel Nursing sounds like a great idea. Of course I have to get through to RN and all that but hey, with the potential for another 30 years in this career the limits are endless to what I can accomplish!

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