Saturday, September 19, 2009

Just a note

We have company this week so its been weird around here. Not weird in a bad way... just different. I'm so tired, sleeping on the couch is NOT very restful!! But the food they cook is a nice change of pace! We had some yummy T-bone steaks and a mixed veggie rague (summer squash, zucchini, onion, green pepper & tomato) tonight for dinner.

So the first week of clinical was over I have to say that THIS is the reason I want to be a Nurse. I don't even mind med/surg!!

Next Friday I get to observe in the OR. Finally not just in Pre and Post OP. I'm actually loving my clinical instructor things are soooo different that last semester!

No sooner did I step on the floor than the Charge was said, " Ever seen an IJ d/c'd?"
me: "Nope!" and
Charge Nurse: "Gown up and come on in!"

I got to assist so that was really interesting. I also got to help dc the foley and prime a J-tube feeding. We sat in on a tough stick IV insertion and put on some ID bands. It was very interesting to see how each Nurse worked their patient load, charted and did assessments. I am really liking clinical so far. By day two last semester I was already dreading the next week. I am actually looking forward to Thursday and Fridays now!

Lesson 1 learned in clinical- The effects of a certain drain cleaner when ingested really can do a number on a person and their alimentary canal!

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