Friday, September 25, 2009

Shhhh... its a VIP

Is it really a secret when a VIP comes in if everyone knows about it in the Department? But the bigger question is... are they still a VIP if the first thing people say when they hear the name is, " Who is that? Never heard of them!" LOL

Today is my first of 3 OR days this clinical cycle. Yesterday they saw an open heart, a couple of fractured bones, some Appendectomies and some Cholecystectomies. Hope they didn't get them all done yesterday so the surgeons could have a long weekend! I'm more excited to see the set up and the take down of the room and the behind the scenes of the Circulating nurse. Not so much the surgery itself. I don't want to be a Doctor, especially a surgeon. I'll stick with Grey's Anatomy for that.

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