Monday, September 14, 2009

Can you believe it... I've changed my mind again!

So we started talking about the NCLEX exam in class the other day. Of course this was after our Theory Instructor was a no show. The program director, who happens to be our Peds/OB instructor, came over and covered the class for us. I am pretty frustrated with my current Med/Surg Theory Instructor and feel like this course is ALOT of self teaching. Mostly because she is constantly late.

So anyway... We covered test taking strategies and how the questions work. How the computer weighs each question and just how crazy the test will be. Nothing I haven't figured out myself of course. But it also gave me some ideas on how to study more effectively. So that made it worth it.

And the thought of NCLEX being so close got me thinking....and when I start thinking it can go either way! LOL

I have been up and down and all around trying to figure out the route that I want to take. Stop at LPN for awhile, continue to ADN instantly, or head straight to BSN and skip the middle man.

Back and forth I've swung, should I or shouldn't I? I really hate the analytical me that always over thinks, has buyers remorse, and can formulate a plan, yet feels the need to constantly research alternate routes to take. But circumstances in my life seem to change with the tides of the ocean and plans just have to be diverted for the emotinal well being of ME! Even if I happen to be a neurotic control freak at the moment!

So the conclusion I have come to is this... I have no idea exactly what is going to happen!

I know do know this tho...

1. ) I dropped the idea of cramming Micro and Chem in this semester. I want to be successful in this program. I'll worry about the RN portion after I pass the HESI.

2.) I really need to get back to work,make some money, and MOVE! I appreciate the help and support I have been offered and the chance this has given me to be successful and to fulfil my dream of becoming a Nurse. However,I do not like being beholden to the good graces and the constant worry that the object being held over my head is going to drop on me and crush a fragile familial relationship.

3.) With the current job market I really think going the BSN route to complete my RN makes more sense. I can work as an LPN and go to school at the same time via the LPN-BSN route. Where as alternately, the RN ADN route would not afford me the chance to work full time like I need to the way it is currently offered. Besides in 18 months I'd have a BSN!

4.)I would really love some employer support to help pay for the RN portion of my degree!!

5) And lastly have I mentioned that I want to MOVE!


  1. I vote go straight to BSN but then again, I'm partial because I just went straight to working on a BSN from high school. But for me, it works because I'm young and single so it's the perfect time in my life to work on my education.

    Whatever floats your boat and works with your lifestyle is your best option, IMO!