Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Med Surg is really over?

Well for theory it is apparently. Next week starts OB and then we end with Peds. I'm hoping theory stays the same test wise. People are all freaking out because we have a new instructor and everyone hears she's tough and apparently only 14 people passed second block last term outta, I have no idea how many. But yeah people are starting to panic. I figure after last year how much harder can it be? OB is a topic I think I know alot about plus she's lectured us a few times, and we've had her for Lab, I actually prefer the way she teaches over our Med/Surg teacher. But I guess only time will tell.

We still have Med/Surg clinical until 11/6, but there are 24 hours of OB mixed in there in October. We end with 24 hours of Peds clinical, except its actually even after Pinning! There was a SNAFU with the schedule so they had to change Pinning from the 15th of December to the 9th. I wonder how that is going to work out! CRAZY!

I did some practice IV insertion this AM on a hot dog... LOL, and tonight is lab again. Hubby is coming with me and offering up his veins again.

Ok well off to do some more NCLEX questions and laundry... fun fun fun. Can you stand it?

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  1. OK, I am officially *not with it*.
    I remember reading a post of yours in my RSS reader the other day talking about how you no longer have a grasp on time.
    This morning I had a minute to sit down and respond and low and behold that post has moved on.
    That kinda makes my original point of all nursing schools existing in a time warp superfluous now! LOL
    I spend the first minute or two upon waking just trying to figure out what day of the week it is. But apparently things are much worse than I had believed :)

    Congrats on the transition to Mother/Baby clinicals. I spent the last two weeks in the newborn nursery. I'm no baby person, but it turned out be both enjoyable and extremely educational.

    Keep up with the IV practice. It most definitely is a skill. The more you do the more you know.

    Well, off to finish an online discussion assignment and do a final review for our last test before fall break.