Saturday, April 9, 2011

Pink and Frothy...

When I say I think something is wrong and you need to call the doctor, please know that my nursing knowledge exists beyond the scope of changing diapers and tube feeds.

That YES in fact I can recall numerous things I learned in Nursing school. My assessment skills have even been practiced for over a year, and I have actually developed nursing judgement that is evidenced based.

Ok, so I may be just an LPN, however, I have learned that I can answer 80% or more of the NCLEX-RN questions in Saunders RN Q & A Review and probably could pass the RN exam given a few weeks of additional study. (This is a post for later)


So when I see pink and frothy sputum coming out of a trach, all day, and it's accompanied by crying every time she coughs, plus she has a fever.

Don't be surprised when she is admitted to the PICU! (Which she was)

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  1. In our house we refer to that as a Pink Chiana.
    Farscape fans might get that... :)

    Good catch/call!