Thursday, April 14, 2011

Summer 1

So in order to defer my current student loans back into in school status I was 0.5 credits short. So thus the search began for an online relateable and/or easy class for the Summer 1 semester. So I am taking:

1.5 credits Pharmacology and Med Administration for Nurses (online) This is actually a repeat class because mine has "expired". So since I know way more about meds than I did the first time, I am hoping I can continue with the A.

4 credits Chemistry 130 w/ lab- In-person Mon,Tue,Wed,Thu with added lab on Mon and Wed. Which I am freaked out about. My daughter's boyfriend promised to help me with the class, and a friend from my old work is actually going to be taking it with me.

Then I found this gem...

0.5 credits Interpretation Of Laboratory Diagnostic Examinations - (online) This one I am actually excited about because as a Nurse these are very important. As a working nurse, I used to see these values every day and wasn't really sure about the understanding of what is critical to report etc.

AND most importantly, as a Nursing student any " 1 up " I can get is a massive help. Oh and let's not forget the NCLEX!!

Sooo if you haven't noticed I am a type A personality with a proclivity to procrastinate and change my mind. It may be the Gemini in me. However, I like to plan and plan ahead. Once I really set my mind to something, I charge full on. yet, we all know that if I am not sure sure...I waiver and woe. Thus you get all my previous posts about RN school and school options.

I have even being studying the RN Q&A book from NURSE TEENY whom I won it from. Which has helped alot, and the best part is that I actually have been doing VERY well with the questions. I have to retake the HESI-A2 and HESI=PN for entrance exams and although I score HUGE on both previous, I would like to ROCK my old scores out of the water.

But, most importantly, I am also excited. Which means, that yes this is finally the right time for a return to school. I just hope that having to work full-time this time, is going to be ok.

PS... I have another interview... LMAO


  1. Man, I can't even fathom going back to school being so so so close to finally being done with my current schooling. Which is hard to believe and rather surreal!

    Good luck at your interview

  2. You can do it Christine! Both of those lower credit classes sound interesting and I'm sure you'll do great, especially both HESI exams!