Thursday, April 28, 2011


So I have come to the realization that in order to go back to school I HAVE to stay in the Homecare field. Good news, I have a current homecare position. Bad news, it fucking sucks!!

So I am calling the office this AM and asking for a new placement for my Wed and Thur location. The last straw and all that. There is a revolving door of nurses at this place and not one has lasted longer than a month. I, myself am just about at two months, so I am sure they won't be surprised with my call.

I just can not take the abuse anymore. They constantly play the blame game and God help us if we do not do something perfect. " YOU PUT SOCKS ON HER!!!" 1 parent wants it one way, the other parent another and the nurse is stuck in the middle, called a liar and berated over and over about it. Sure I may have been unable to determine the style of dressing over the j-tube, that has changed five hundred times when I removed said saturated dressing and replaced it the "old" way. Sure I have no idea what your taped sign says, and I am sorry I am was not aware I needed to be rough with the child when putting them in the chair. I am not comfortable with it, and I am in fear everyday for my license because of the way they are always throwing the blame at the Nurse for everything. No I am not perfect and yeah I would have excepted that I did not do the dressing the same way. But the let's gang up on, yell at, accuse and scream at for 30 minutes over. Yes I will defend myself and say, " I did not see the way the tape was, it was so soaked it was all peeled away from the skin, I removed it with the top 4x4 and replaced it the way I thought it was." Sheesh! I am also pretty pissed about being screamed at first when they assume I did something wrong, then they see it is right, they laugh and then leave the room. "YOU PUT SHORTS ON HER!", "Oh, haha".

So yeah I have HAD IT. I have to go back there today and am seriously wishing I could call in. I would but I am sure they would fire me and I actually really enjoy a paycheck. Go figure.

So have also sent out some feelers to some other homecare agencies. I wouldn't mind keeping only the Friday Saturday gig, I really like the family over there, but I think adult homecare per visit may be something that will fit in better.

So we will see. I think they may have someone who can take my place, it'll just be a matter of if they have something else for me.


  1. Sorry to hear that you had to put up with such abuse. Keep your chin up, I'm sure they'll have another assignment for you soon.

  2. That is some crazy BS right there. Sorry :(