Saturday, April 23, 2011

Nuttin' Honey

Well things here are pretty much in a holding pattern. Not really much going on. Not much different than last week.

The boy did get his driver's license on Monday. My last baby is now a driver too! First thing he says, " How old do you feel Mom?" Nice kid.

Hum... work is work. The good thing about work is that there is now another nurse to chat with on my Wed, Thur location. There is another child there that gets their own Nurse. So it's broken up the boredom and given me some of the required social interaction that I need.

Oh and I have become addicted to the Veronica Mars episodes on Netflix and am half way through season 2. I have seemed to have developed a thing for this guy...


  1. I can see how you could develop something for that guy. I have netflix too and maybe I should check the series out. Congrats to your boy for getting his dl, it's nice he has a funny bone with a comment like that.

    I'm glad you're getting some much needed social interaction with the new rn addition to your wed and thurs location.

    Did you say you had another interview, if so how did that go?

  2. Well with school and such I did the math and figured that I would be better off staying where I am now than trying to get something else. So I cancelled my interview.