Sunday, April 3, 2011

On the work front

Sooo 3 posts in one day... wow apparently I actually have a life.

So Peds. Peds private duty. Hum.. I have 3 cases. Two that are practically in the veggie state and 1 that has developed into a modified preschooler with a flare for temper tantrums.

My day consists of some baby sitting, a lot of Nasal, PO and trach suctioning. A constant battle with the Pulse Ox, AFO's, the joys of a G/J tube, hanging feedings, bolus feedings, and administering meds. Changing diapers, & straight cathing q 4 hours. Oh and don't forget resinstering a trach at least 3 times a shift.

I have learned how to change the circuit on a vent with confidence, how to assess the vent and check its functioning, and that a trach is NOT as scary as it seems. However, straight cathing a 4 year old gets old quick but I am getting better at it. Although changing diapers still sucks!

My nursing skills are being used, and kids are not as scary as I thought they were in clinical. Good news, since I have another clinical rotation in Peds when I start my RN year.

But overall... NOT where I want to stay forever, at least not at this acuity level. I am hoping this will be flexible enough to pay the bills and allow me to go to school. We shall see. I gave up my days off to be flexible for them. I hope they are flexible enough with two hours a week to work with me.

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  1. Good luck, nice to see you blogging more and thank you for your wealth of advice on my blog! I love all the help I can get.