Thursday, April 14, 2011

Socially Antisocial

So I have discovered that I am socially antisocial. I need conversation while working, however, outside of work, well... I do not like to have alot of things to do with friends. Its like my time home and with my family I don't, and have never really wanted to split it going here or there.

Case in point, I text or email and eat lunch with people while at work. But when I am home, I usually decline offers to go anywhere or meet up with anyone, unless I have to already be in that area for something.

To prove this we were at the grocery store and we ran into people we know. I stopped to talk and moved along. That's the type of relationship we have. But, when we were about to run into the neighbor I refused to meet them and walked away before my husband could drag me over there. Why? Because my husband mentioned that they wanted us to go over for drinks or whatever. You know that once that starts there is always something.

Is that crazy or what?


  1. Not crazy at all. You are who you are and shouldn't be apolgetic to anyone. You aleady know in your head that making new friends can be time-consuming so in your life no use making any new ones. But if you come to a point where you ask yourself why don't I have any friends to do something with, then you'll know what to do.

  2. I am the same way... whenever I've had a job I enjoy talking to people at work... but yes when I have "free" time, I like to spend that with my husband and kids. I do think it'd be fun to get with other adults to play board games.. I would set time aside for that... but not many adults seem interested in playing Scattergories with me lol