Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Motivating Factor

With all the talk about going back to school, all the NCLEX-RN questions I have been studying, and all the sharing of information, I have been doing. My excitement and research of EVERY freaking nursing program out there in my area, has motivated some long time LPNs to continue their degrees and I am glad they credited my enthusiasm as a motivating factor to their final decisions to enroll and get the ball rolling.

Do I think every LPN should become an RN? No, but with the many choices that one initial change makes, along with the boost in respect, I think that every LPN should feel confident that they have the ability and the option to continue their professional nursing career!

I can't wait to get started already myself and get this over with. Of course I will be regretting it and bitching about it in the process. LOL But I have come to the conclusion that the year and a half since finishing school, the wavering, has put me in the exact place to know that the decision that I have made will be the correct one in the end.