Friday, April 15, 2011

I have become an Academic Advisor apparently

So it turns out I have to decide just what classes my friend can take and in which semester, so that she can catch up with me to be able to apply into the Advanced Placement RN Program come January.

Sure, its easy for me to say take such and such, then such and such. But hell Chem and A&P together? Micro and A&P 2 together. The options are totally across town from each other too. Its alot of pressure

But I guess all I can do is give the info, and let her make the decision. It was not my idea I tell you.

But I love the fact that she has confidence in me and trusts my opinion.

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  1. I did Micro and Adv. A&P during the same semester along with another class. It wasn't easy or my favorite but I got it done. Way to be there for your friend.