Monday, June 8, 2009

2 days post crispy

I don't think I have had a burn like this in forever! My legs hurt so much and I walk like I had one hell of a weekend or just got off a horse!

My nose blistered so I look like something straight out of a Harry Potter book and it hurts to wear pants! I hope that goes away by Friday, because I promised to cover the reception desk... yup looking like a monster with no pants on... should go over real big!

So in other news yeah there really isn't any other news. Nothing exciting in Nursing School, since it is summer, and I am sure no one wants me to blog about the exploits of a boring, waste of time, online Algebra class!

However, on Sunday I did take this week's test and got a 100 on my first try, so yeah, maybe some of this crap is sticking. It all comes down to isolating the variable and solving for x. That's the only part of Algebra that is contained in Dosage and Calculations that I can relate as a need to know from a waste of time all together. All this quadratic equations and slope of a line is just BS.

Oh... not sure if I am supposed to really post about this but I don't think its top secret... but, hubby is taking another trip coming up this month for a few days... this time to testify in a DEA drug case related to something that happened to one of his trucks after it left his custody. What kind of stupid ass jerk decides to load drugs onto a truck that is a DOD shipment and not realize he's going to get caught?!?

Weird things like this seem to happen to him. This one time he had the FBI questioning him because a truck disappeared, turns out the driver died in his truck of an MI at a Truck stop somewhere in the Midwest.

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