Sunday, June 28, 2009

Weekend Whatnot

Yesterday my daughter came home from her 10 days in Texas... she loved it, as I was afraid she would! We had a nice remainder of the day as all of us had some family time in the pool, cooked some burgers and just had a nice time together as a family.

We leave for this Friday! Can't wait to see everyone! I wish my husband could have gotten the time off to come with us the same day, it'll be our 10 year anniversary on the 4th and we won't be together ;-(

I have a ton to do, packing, cleaning, and studying! Somehow I have to fit in my midterm and all this work I agreed to do this week. Working Monday & Tuesday at the customer service job, from 6 to 12:30 then off to the Respite job until 5:00ish then Wed and Thursday its just respite... however, I need to do all that cleaning and packing and studying during that time too. I hate ALGEBRA!

I did manage to get an extension on the week's assignments while I am gone so I don't have to worry about school work while on vacation. That's nice. Now to just get through the midterm!

I need to study but I have such a headache right now, even Motrin isn't touching it. I'm afraid that my BP is starting to get a bit wonky! Its hard to manage formula memorization with a migraine!


  1. I'm excited for you- you deserve a vacation!!! I hope ya'll have fun!!!
    Migraines suck... hope you found relief!

  2. try excedrin it seems to work better than motrin..just don't take it too often or you'll get a rebound headache from the caffine