Thursday, June 18, 2009

Laptop Died again

I got the blue screen of death! Not sure what the heck is wrong... perhaps a crazy virus or a PC crash as per the norm of the Microsoft world. At least I have the warranty on it. But once again... everything on the Laptop is going to have to be wiped. Glad I didn't invest in the downloadable only software I did the last time this happened. But this totally sucks! I cannot afford to get a new one just now.

In other news, I did accept another Respite position very close I live. A few hours every evening taking care of a baby with great needs! I have always shied away from the Pedi aspect with Nursing care but since there is not a vent only a feeding tube and a myriad of Nero issues I think I can handle it. Of course with that being said it can really only be until the next semester starts but it'll be a learning experience and a chance to put some skills to use.

Well I am covering a Customer Service Shift right now... so back to work!

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