Monday, June 22, 2009

Mundane Monday

So let's see, I'm trying to get this week's Algebra test out of the way today or tomorrow, so that I can start memorizing the midterm examples for the midterm on the 3rd. Remembering all the rules kills me when it comes to math and which formulas to use to solve all this crap... but hey I just need a C.

So on the Nursing School front... I am deep in thought and trying to figure out which direction I am going come December.

The ADN RN program is made up of 4 Blocks.
Blocks 1 & 2 are the LPN year (Which I am official in)
Blocks 3 & 4 are the RN Year.
My dilemma is that once I finish Block 2 in December, I could potentially roll right into Block 3. The problem is that I will be 2 co-reqs shy of eligibility as it stands right now.

Sooo... money is the issue at this very moment that is causing all the issues. Things are really tight, the vacation was an unexpected expense as the money I was going to use to pay that with was shorted me so I had to dip into the bill money. Since that money is still not here, I am still short money and it adds up everyday. So at this present time coming up with the money for my CHM130 class by the 1st a bit of a long shot. The books and lab kit alone are over $100 and the tuituion is another $300. I am going to see if I can get a waiver or a payment option for the class until after the 8th, I am working some extra hours to try and get some money, but everyone and their brother has their hand out for that money and classes are coming a distant second, third, fourth... Hubby's checks are a whole other mess right now and not a bit of help on this front. So say I can manage to do some creative accounting, it leaves me with 1 co-req to take during Block 2, Microbiology. I'd have all the Nursing classes (the hardest ones), IV certification (if I want to get a job in December- which I do), and then Micro. Can I do all of that?

Or.... I can defer Block 3 until Aug of 2010... so instead of graduating in January of 2011 I'd graduate in May of 2011 with my RN-ADN, but in the mean time I'd be working as an LPN and taking the rest of my co-reqs, plus I'd add two of the pre/co-reqs for the BSN program to get a jump start and to keep my student loand at in-school status.`

So do I worry about the chem class now,or do I just think about the LPN portion, take the CHM and Micro over the spring semester with 1 Humanities class, and start Block 3 in the Fall... or do I do some creative accounting, get the money for the class, take the CHM in the Summer II session as planned, take the Micro class in Block 2 and not take the IV cert? Or take it all??? URGH!!

Block 1 was hard but I had some spare time and in hindsight I could have snuck in an easy humanities course or something, but a science? Humm not too sure about that. Which makes me wonder about Micro and Block 2. Its med-surg, OB and Pediatrics. Half of the class in Block 2 were repeaters last semester... so yeah... hummm... still so much to think about. The most important thing to worry about is passing Block 2!

Ok I have rambled long enough. Sometimes it just helps to write/vent it all out and have others to shoot the ideas off.

In the long run does it matter January or May?

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  1. When reading your post I was thinking "Aw yeah it would suck to have to graduate a semester later than planned." But then I read May 2011 instead of Jan 2011, and I thought "Actually that's not a big deal at all!" In my mind, not much a difference! It's only a few months! If it will make things easier on you- I say go for it! No big.