Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I am not moving... so there!

I just can't figure out how it would make sense. It would blow all my plans up, and dang, school is soooo important to our future that this crap is just so trivial to screw with the plan, even for our sanity. People will just have to deal until I graduate and get a job. They can deal with the neurosis and the complaining and just take the extra few minutes to pick up something extra or whatever and deal with it.

But like you all know... what is the first thing to go when you have a Nursing test, careplan or whatnot to deal with? HOUSEWORK!!! I don't care if the clean clothes are not put in the drawers, but are in the basket instead, the only thing I care about is if my uniform is clean, ironed and ready!

Oh well... such is a part of life and living with people to accomplish a dream...we must endure.

Today.. after going to look at a place in the middle of nowhere, but dirt cheap, I got the, " We don't want you to move out!"

Well of course not... I contribute alot ( money, cooking, shopping, & a built in 24hr babysitter.) Not to mention the built in nursing care that I have provided.


I want to come back to this post in a year and laugh about the absurdity of it all, but I know in a month or two there will be one exactly like this! LOL


Moving on.... now to deal with the blisters that are painfully forming over.... what's the rule of 9's for front of legs, chest and face??... OUCH!


  1. I'm sure glad nobody sees my house during school, it's an absolute dump!Laundry still needs to catch up, floor needs vacuuming, junk mail gone through and thrown out and counters wiped. I'm sorry you're stuck with this extra stress!

  2. thank you thank you... I know all of YOU fellow Nursing students understand.

    This too shall pass... in the mean time have a realy big junk drawer and a closet to hide the clothes... hehehe

  3. I'm SO glad you are going to tough this out and stay where you are. You're gonna have shitty stressed out days- but you have it right- school is your number 1 priority- once that is done- moving will be SO much easier (not to mention affordable).
    I know you'll have crazy stressed out days and people will drive you nuts- just try to put it out of your mind. Do the kids do chores? If they can help out- that would really help you out.
    Hopefully everyone can work together.
    I'm so proud of you kicking butt in school- I don't want to see that be interrupted!
    An old German proverb: The narrower the cage, the greater the victory.