Monday, June 1, 2009

Busy Relaxing

So I just read 7 books in 4 days. Couldn't help it, they were addicting. Thanks for the recommend of the Sookie Stackhouse books. Now I have to go get the other two books.

In addition to that I started watching the DVD's of the first season of True Blood, which is based on the series. Now I have to order HBO!

In school news I have taken two Algebra tests and am proud to say I am not lost yet and have gotten two A's. I am starting the next Chapter and wow it is getting harder. I really need to find my graphing calculator soon!

I pushed Chemistry off until July so that I'll have money for plane tickets! Wow just look at my priorities!

Ok can't type anymore... really bad carpel tunnel day!


  1. told you they were addicting...i have the newest one that just came out and i haven't opened it yet for fear I wouldn't get my homework

  2. Oh I hear ya.. I was pretty much nonstop reading! Have you seen the show?

  3. Glad algebra is going well for you! I am taking Chemistry this summer. I can believe it is a 4 day a week 5 hour a day class!

  4. I start Chem in July! WOW thats a lot of class to have to sit through! No life with a schedl. like that. I am taking mine online for that reason!