Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Vent... don't bother to read this.

Got to get outta here. Just plain and simple. So I am going to have to bite the bullet and look for a place to move to and get a job even while finishing school. I'll just have to put off the RN portion of my education a semester.

Now to just figure out how to go about doing that in the market we are in with my current credit situation being less than stellar!

Perhaps the long term hotel one town over if worse comes to worse, but I can no longer deal with someone who needs to complain and bitch all the time because,god forbid... there is a plate in my room, my laundry is in my basket and not in my drawers, the kids didn't put the cap back on the toothpaste and her husband can no longer be the maid because he has had major surgery!

I bite my tongue and I try and do as much as I can and other than being laid up by the this sunburn or studying for school.... nothing I do is good enough or in her time frame anyway so whatever!

I moved 3000 miles away 4 years ago to get away and was doing fine. Things got tough since they've moved here because of the bad timing of the layoff and Arizona's backasswards unemployment benefit being so behind we couldn't pay our rent and electric bills at the same time but, it came in right in time and I could have not moved in here, but it was the easier options they suggested so that we could help each other out. Now it's because they are no longer in need its all about, " Well we let you move in here" She even said that to my son the other day, when he didn't bring his plate down to the kitchen 1 second after eating from it. What the fuck!!!

So well a few weeks and fuck it... I'll move into the hotel if I have to. We'll all just have to make do like a homeless family on vacation until I can get enough money or whatever for the down payment on a rental and such!! It is what it is and I should have known... I did know.... it would turn out like this.

A silent fight that could tear a WHOLE family apart! Because one person is a BITCH and the other lets her walk all over him.

And of course all of this happens AFTER I buy non-refundable tickets!!!!


  1. Oh man!! How I wish you weren't going through this at all, not that that helps! You know what's best for your family and you will make it through! In the meantime, I'll say a prayer or two for ya!

  2. are u living with family while u do school? I am confused...i need to read back on some blogs...anyway..i hope things get better

  3. yes living with my parents. a grumpy set of people who live to complain.

  4. Damn - I had no idea! Wow! This super sux! Your focus should just be on school- you'll be done so soon- why cant people be understanding and help you out and be supportive. Blah, I'm mad for ya.