Thursday, June 25, 2009

HawthoRNe vs Nurse Jackie

Ok so most have weighed in on the two new Nursing dramas HawthroRNe & Nurse Jackie.

Ok so I don't like HawthoRNe and probably will not watch anymore. I don't find the characters compelling, the acting is drab, and Jada to the rescue of all? Well, I find that hard to believe that a CNO would be involved in such small matters as a patient's verbal abuse of a Nurse. I would think it would be more like "Suck it up whining newbie! CYA, document and do the care you can do." I also find that it's more like she's a doctor or an NP, at the least, and I don't feel like its realistic nor is it entertaining! I just kept waiting for something to happen, some character to draw me in, someone I could relate to. None of the above for me sad to say.

Nurse Jackie- Well for so many reasons and more its totally NOT a good light for Nurses, but it sure as hell is good entertainment! I love the dark humor of it, you can see bits of reality interspersed with pure unadulterated shock value. The darker side of the profession maybe, but I bet its closer to the inner thoughts of a Nurse than many may think. The value of the show is to explore 1 ER Nurse, her foibles, her insight, her bad and her good qualities. I am sure there are many seasoned Nurses who can relate and many Student Nurses have stood in the shoes of Zoey.

And yet...

I have high hopes for Mercy, coming in the fall to NBC, it actually looks like a Grey's for Nurses, I hope it lives to its potential. I'll be sure to tune in and see!

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